Hey-yoo there , whatsup ! ehh, assalamualaikum lahh :) 
       The title is true. I longed for someone who illuminates my life. Leave when he was an entertainer, comedian, teacher, critic, and per- more. She is cool but confused HAHA sorry.  If this is she is going back. I miss her  GABAN level. The most boring holiday for me but also fun to lose pressure for a while. When the school holidays, teachers must give a lot of school work. Very very much ! Teacher said a week off next week, right ?  So go to page 48 do number 1 to number 10, page 49 for all ,  50 blablablaa. All teachers give us homeworks. 

     Back to title. When you return, you must spend my meals. You always took me to McDonald. Because you and I likes to eat Oreo McFlurry and Double Cheese Burger.  Sister , I will waiting you here. I want to see your face already turned black or remain white TEHEE~

* just  ignore my broken english :D